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Improving Running Endurance: Slow and Long Method

Here is a great way to improve your running endurance and distance!

Make sure you do not over-train. Take it step by step and go a little farther each time you run. According to well-known coach Warren Finke of Portland Oregon, marathoners should keep with easy-paced, consistent training runs. These runs will help them to build endurance while preventing injury. He states that many runners “train too hard, get injured, and never reach their potential.” His program, known as the Finke program pushes training based on modest effort (80% of the speed you can race that same distance). According to Finke, many runners train at 90% potential.

Here is what you should do:

  • Run at mostly 80% the speed you could run the same distance
  • To convert race pace to an 80% rate, multiply the timed race pace by 1.25

For more information, please visit the source below



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