Woman Using Shovel

Stress Relief: Work

  1. Recognize: Make sure you know what stress looks like. Symptoms include anxiety or depression, as well as trouble sleeping or concentrating and loss of interest in your work.
  2. Take Care of Yourself: Make sure you get enough exercise and are eating right. A healthy lifestyle makes you more proficient in general by sharpening your focus and brightening your mood. Making sure your emotional needs are taken care of is also very important. Try talking to someone you trust. This can help you get stress out of your system and also allows others to support you at the same time. Be sure to be careful of your nicotine and alcohol intake. Too much of these substances can raise your stress level by leading to worry. It can also push you toward an addiction problem.
  3. Organization and Prioritization: Make sure you do not overwork yourself. Too much work in too little time often leads to stress. Find a good balance between work and personal time. Make sure you take breaks. Keeping your office area cluttered may also cause stress. Try to stay organized so you are less likely to lose important papers. Try to do necessary tasks first and push unnecessary tasks to do later if you have time. This way, you will finish what needs to be done. Split up larger projects into smaller steps to keep from being overwhelmed. Also, make sure you are willing to compromise with coworkers if you need assistance with a task. Being open to other ideas may help you to complete your work.



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